A web portfolio by Simon Williams

Please be aware that this web portfolio is a work in progress and may change frequently over the coming weeks.


These projects respresent a combination of work I have done over the last several years as an employee, contractor, and student. They will demonstrate a variety of skills, areas of interest, and levels of completion/success.

Urbster (Version 2)

Urbster is a social iPhone application centered around sharing photos and messages with groups – friends, family, colleagues, or even just people who share a common interest. Our modus operandi for groups is private by default and symmetric, meaning if I'm part of a group from my perspective, I'm also part of that group from your perspective. This massively reduces the overhead of manually currating lists of friends, but at the cost that everyone in the group sees every post made to that group – there's no per-post visibility customization. This tradeoff supports a vision of quick sharing to a specific set of people without getting lost in the firehose or having to manually tag the people you'd like to reach.

You can find it in the Apple App Store

From a technical point of view, the app is communicating with a server via JSON to refresh and post to a group timeline, as well as manage the group creation, invitation, and joining processes. We built our backend using a pretty standard ruby/rails setup: